About CABA

Chartered Association of Business Administrators (CABA) is the premiere professional body of management professionals in Canada. Its mission is to raise competency in the field of management and make business administration as a profession through its certification programs, continuing professional development, and code of ethics.
CABA aims to establish quality business management education globally with its certification programs and diploma courses. Its objective is to ensure that a manager who earns the CBA® credential today will acquire professional advantage by establishing his status as competent and credible business administrator. To this end, CABA represents a single and collective voice for the entire business management profession, which symbolizes self-regulation by the profession.

Chartered Association of Business Administrators is a not-for-profit professional body chartered Federally under Letters Patent granted by the Government of Canada. Chartered Association of Business Administrators® is also a registered mark with the US Government Patent and Trade Mark office.

The Association is of the opinion that the success of the new economy requires much more than simply responding to the market demand. Accelerating change, the information revolution, globalization, intensified competition, rapid commoditization of services and compressed strategy life cycles have all created a new business environment with unprecedented challenges. Businesses today increasingly require professionals who can integrate knowledge from multiple sources to address strategic business issues and help create new innovation-driven business models. This innovation imperative presents unique opportunities for high-level professionals who can add new value in a global, knowledge-based economy.

With this end in view the Association has developed :
1. CBA (Chartered Business Administrator) Certification
2. CBC (Chartered Business Consultant) Certification
3. Ch.MC (Chartered Marketing Consultant) Certification
4. Ch.PMC (Chartered Project Management Consultant) Certificate
5. Ch.HRC (Chartered Human Resource Consultant) Certificate

as global business credentials.