CBA® Certification

The Chartered Business Administrator (CBA®) Program

The CBA® program is a graduate-level professional certification based on an MBA curriculum. It is a certification program that focuses on validating one’s skills in business management. The CBA® designation is awarded to individuals who meet the eligibility requirements and pass the CBA® examination.

The Chartered Business Administrator (CBA®) program, CBA-Program-Official-Logobeing a management certification program that focuses on skills and applications, is designed to complement existing specialty certifications (CPA, CFA®, CFC®, CMA®, RFP®, CAT®, etc.), to validate a business manager’s practical knowledge and skills, and to act as an efficient preparatory tool for MBA program. The program is structured as a mini-MBA program that prepares the candidate to become a successful manager in the global business community.

At the core of the CBA® certification is its examination. The CBA® Exam covers essential areas in business management such as Business Strategy, Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing Management, and Human Resource Management.