Certification Process

To become certified, you are required to meet the following certification requirements:


You need to complete the Chartered Business Administrator (CBA®) program and take the examination at any accredited institutional provider.


After you have successfully met the education requirement, you will be eligible to apply for the CBA® Certification Examination. The CBA® Certification Examination assesses your business management skills and knowledge. By complying with the education and experience requirements, you have met a level of competency appropriate for professional business manager.


Because CBA® certification indicates to the public your ability to provide business management expertise, CABA requires you to have relevant experience.


After you have completed the education, examination, and experience components of the certification process, you will be required to acknowledge CABA’s right to enforce them through its Disciplinary Rules and Procedures.

The CBA® Designation can be earned:

-after completing your University degree in Business Management or equivalent
-while you are pursuing your MBA
-after completing your MBA degree